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PIG Berlin
Am Molkenmarkt 2
10179 Berlin-Mitte



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| PiG – Saturday 08 Sep 2012

PiG Berlin: worldfamous for its derelict venues and horned-up atmosphere.

2012 promises to set new standards through a sensational dungeon labyrinth, horny outside cruising and a DJ line up which will make you go wild. It will stir your imagination!

On the 8th of September we open doors to derelict basements –a lot of them never used before- creating a dungeon labyrinth where ‚PiGs do PiGs’. Grunting-, whipping-, fucking-, fisting-, SM-, pissing- PiGs: they will be all there to get piggy with YOU! A derelict courtyard, dimly lit, will provide the horny background for piggy outside cruising. Dark spaces and corners, suited for that one species: PiGs! 
Binomio, Manuel Carranco, Oliver M and Jack Chang will build up the heat during the night.

Binomio  will kick off PiG and has earned his reputation through Into The Tank (Madrid). Manuel Carranco has proven to be someone who can heat up PiGs in the first half of the night. OliverM is a newcomer to PiG, but not to the scene,His experience runs from La Demence, Greenkomm to Salvation and several Prides!

And after 4 years Jack Chang returns to PiG, the dancefloor will be ecstatic!

PIG „for Folsom pigs and other piglets“. Open end. Strict
dresscode: Leather, rubber, skin, sports, uniform. Men only – play safe!

NEW in 2012

PIG – The making of, Friday 7th Sep, 2pm. A guided tour behind the scenes during the build-up of PiG. Including the discovery of the dungeon labyrinth! Tickets available in the ticketshop.

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